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About Synthnami

Synthnami are Federico Zizi & Davide Bottino, eclectic Italian duo combining diversified backgrounds and tastes in music to create epic & melodic genre-defying electronic music. Think “Vangelis meets Morricone, with a twist” to quote one of our fans.

Multi-instrumentalist Federico is the main songwriter and performer, also taking care of mixing and mastering duties. Davide writes music & lyrics and provides vocals as well; he is responsible for the band’s branding & digital marketing activities.

Everything the band produces is a joint effort that aims to channel the different musical backgrounds of both members into something new and awesome.
Federico Zizi

Federico Zizi

Songwriting, Keys & Guitars, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering

Davide Bottino

Davide Bottino

Songwriting, Vocals, Art Direction & Digital Marketing

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